Avoid the nuisance caused by insects this summer 

Avoid the nuisance caused by insects this summer 

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For most people, summer means great holidays, trips to different parts of the world and spending time outside, enjoying the fresh air. Nice weather offers the perfect context for outdoor activities. However, there is one more type of activity everybody should pay attention to: insect activity. It is well known that as the level of humidity and temperatures get high, mosquitos, flies and bugs start to appear. These biting intruders are not only very annoying, inflicting lots of itchy bites if you allow them, but they are also extremely dangerous. For those who travel, especially to eccentric destinations, there is the risk of getting infested with viruses and catching diseases such as dengue fever, malaria or Zika. Similar risks exist for those who are about to spend their holiday at home, gathering family and friends in their own garden, because these are also places very populated by insects. Fortunately, there are certain things you ca do to get rid of intruders and avoid getting bitten. Read on to discover a series of tips and instructions that will keep insects away and your family safe during the warm season.

Install bug zappers

Thankfully, technology has also come up with a solution aimed to help you eliminate bugs and mosquitos. There is a specialized device, called “a bug zapper” or “electrical discharge insect control system”, that you just install in the garden or on the patio next to your house and it kills mosquitos that approach the property. You are probably wondering how this works. Well, the system is actually very well developed: the bug zapper looks like a lamp and as any other source of light, it attracts bugs in an instant. As soon as they get close and try to sit on the grills that cover the lamp, they are electrocuted and killed. If you are interested in purchasing such a device, visit electric-bug-zapper.com and read reviews of the most performing products available on the market.

Use repellent spray

Another efficient remedy against insects, mosquitos in particular, is repellent spray. When it comes to avoiding bites and annoying buzzing, the substances you find in dedicated stores or pharmacies are your best friends. They are very effective, not at all expensive and quite easy to use. All you have to do is spray the solution directly on your skin, on the exposed areas, with a couple of hours before leaving the house or hotel room. The most common active ingredient in insect repellents is DEET, but there are also other reliable alternatives for those who are not compatible with this ingredient. If you know you are allergic to it, make sure you choose another product.

Be cautious

Most of the times, insects do not attack with no reason. Of course they do this in order to feed themselves, but even without realizing you are the one who draws their attention. By wearing dark colors, you make yourself visible, while when you put on perfume, you must be aware that you are making yourself an easy target for mosquitoes. For this reason, you have to be cautious and avoid doing the above mentioned things.