How to increase the level of security at home

How to increase the level of security at home

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Monthly, millions of burglaries are reported in cities all around the world. Properties that are left unsupervised by the owners who leave for their vacation or houses that are targeted because of their sumptuous appearance are clear victims of intruders, and the numbers are continuing to grow, year after year. This means that thieves can find an easy way to break into these homes, which is why you have to take any precaution to protect yours from any attack. Of course, you probably think that a reliable security system is all you need to make sure the real estate is out of reach, but this is not actually true. There are plenty of other simple things you, as the owner, can do, in order to increase the level of security of your house. Here is our brief list of suggestions:

Install reliable locks to your doors and windows

This may seem like a basic piece of information. However, a lot of house owners tend to forget about the huge importance of locking doors and windows properly. Nowadays, there are performing and complex systems aimed to ensure hermetical closure for your real estate. Choose a resistant front door, preferably one made of metal and window frames that are strong and sturdy. Get some additional locksmith if necessary. And once you have a reliable locking system installed, remember to use it every time. Ground level windows can be easily forced from outside and facilitate intruders’ way inside your home. So whether you leave on holiday, heading to work or go grocery shopping for a couple of hours, you must not leave any window or door open, because this can immediately become an invitation for thieves. You may trust your neighbors with that, but you never know if the house has been targeted and will be attack as soon as the occasion arises.

Fix any damage that can draw attention

While it is true that burglars choose to break into real estate that seem to have something they can take out, imperfections draw their attention for many reason. The first and most important one is that these can become their way inside the property. For this reason, if you know there is a cracked window, broken doorknob or missing tile on the roof, you need to fix all these right away. In addition to this, remember to never store a ladder outside the house, as it could easily be used to reach the chimney. There are so many crimes taking place daily, so why invite thieves into your home like that?

Invest in proper lighting

It is well known that a useful trick you can do when you leave home is to make it look lived in. And here, lighting plays a crucial role. What you can do is either leave a light on or purchase special timers that can be scheduled to make the lights go on for a while in an interval you choose. This way, passersby and intruders could think that there is someone at home even when there is not. In addition to this, proper lighting around the house (in the back yard or in the garden) is likely to transform the property into an unattainable target for burglars.