Tips for keeping your home safe during holidays

Tips for keeping your home safe during holidays

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Planning a trip is definitely something very excited for any family. However, the anticipation of going on a well-deserved vacation should not transform you into a reckless person who forgets about the risks of leaving their home for a while. This means that whether you are travelling to a tropical destination for your summer vacation, or you are about to visit your relatives during wither holidays, securing your property should be your priority. It is well known that burglars target the houses whose owners are not there, which is why the precautions you take before you leave are extremely important. Compile a safety list before you head out, because you know what they say: it is better to be safe than sorry. Some extra vigilance will allow you to enjoy your holiday without worrying about what is going on back home. Here are some tips to help you know your belongings are safe while you are away:

Lock everything up before you go

As obvious as this may seem, a lot of people are likely to forget to lock up before they go away. In addition to this, some are also tempted to leave at least one window open, especially during summer, to allow fresh air to enter the house. This is a huge mistake! Make sure you close each and every part of your home that can become a potential way in for intruders: front door, deadbolt back door, windows, the attic, the garage, winter garden and so on. You have not thought about all these, have you? Locking all these will definitely make it tougher for burglars to target your property.

Create the illusion that you are still at home

Another important thing you need to do to secure your property is make it look lived in. If no lights are turned on and there are plenty of newspapers and mail gathering days after you left, then it becomes clear that the owners (meaning, you) of the property are out. This makes the real estate more attractive to intruders, which is why it has to be avoided. To create the illusion that the house is occupied, try leaving at least one light on, invest in dedicated timers for interior or ask a neighbor to stop by once in a while. In addition to this, you should call to the regional post office and announce you are out, so that they will not send tones of bills, newspapers, informative notices, and letters.

Have your house surveyed

No mail and some lights on are definitely not enough to protect the real estate from burglars. Taking into consideration that you cannot plan absolutely everything, the best thing you could do is invest in a complex surveillance system, especially if you are spending a lot of time away from home. Installing cameras and an alarm system will send a clear message to intruders: the property is secured with advanced and reliable techniques. Besides that, it will also enable you to keep an eye on it, no matter how far you are.